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LaBelle Cape Cod

Cape Cod Gourmet Gift Set

Cape Cod Gourmet Gift Set

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Introducing our exclusive Cape Cod Gift Box, a carefully curated collection that captures the essence of the Cape in every delightful item. Unwrap the charm of this coastal paradise with a selection of handpicked treasures, perfect for gifting or indulging in the flavors and vibes of Cape Cod. This Cape Cod Gift Box is a thoughtful ensemble that brings the beauty, flavors, and spirit of Cape Cod right to your doorstep. Perfect for anyone who appreciates the coastal charm and unique treasures that this beloved destination has to offer.

  • Lobster Dip Mix: Dive into the exquisite taste of Cape Cod with our lobster dip mix. A savory blend that brings the essence of the sea to your palate.
  • Cape Cod Socks: Cozy up with a pair of Cape Cod socks – a warm and stylish addition to your wardrobe that keeps you snug while showcasing your love for this iconic destination.
  • Cape Cod Granola: Start your day with a burst of flavor from our Cape Cod granola. Packed with the goodness of homemade granola, it's a delicious taste of the region.
  • Sandpiper Christmas Ornament: Hang a touch of Cape Cod on your tree with our shatterproof ball Christmas ornament. It's a festive reminder of our coastal wonders.
  • Lobster Mints: Refresh your senses with our lobster-shaped mints – a playful nod to everyone's favorite crustacean.
  • Beach Plum Kitchen Beach Plum Jam: Indulge in the sweet and tangy notes of our Beach Plum Jam from the renowned Beach Plum Kitchen. A delectable spread that captures the essence of Cape Cod's unique flora.
  • Dennis Port General Store Hot Sauce: Add some spice to your meals with hot sauce from the iconic Dennis Port General Store. A locally crafted condiment that brings a zesty kick to your dishes.
  • Lobster Kitchen Towel: Elevate your kitchen decor with our charming lobster-themed kitchen towel. Practical and stylish, it's a best-seller!
  • Cape Cod Map Coaster: Set your drinks down on our Cape Cod map coaster – a functional and decorative piece that highlights the iconic landmarks and towns of the region.
  • Cranberry Bog Honey: Sweeten your moments with the richness of Cape Cod's cranberry bogs. Our cranberry bog honey is a golden jar of liquid gold that captures the essence of the local landscape.
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